LEVYsalon expands, adds Sunday matinee

LEVYdance is expanding its successful LEVYsalon artist-in-residence program by doubling the performance opportunities for artists supported by the program.

Beginning in April, LEVYsalon’s Saturday-evening performance will be followed by a Sunday matinee showcase. This expansion is made possible by the generous support of Bob Trombly, a past member of the LEVYdance Board of Directors and an advocate for local artists.

“With the rising cost of living in San Francisco, LEVYdance and LEVYsalon are essential to those who otherwise might not be able to create in this city,” Trombly said. “I’m happy LEVYdance can expand the resources available to local artists as they develop their artistry and professional networks.”

Now in its 10th year, LEVYsalon offers two of the most valuable resources in the creation of new work – studio space and artistic mentorship – at no cost to artists. Currently, LEVYsalon fosters the development of 60-80 artists each year and has supported more than 6,000 artists since its inception.

“The type of immediate support offered to emerging artists through this program has drawn greater interest in recent years,” said Garance Marneur, Executive Artistic Director of LEVYdance. “We now receive up to 30 applications per Salon compared to 10-15 in previous years. The growing size and strength of the applicant pool underscores the importance of this platform for artists, as well as the need to expand and support an even larger cohort of artists.”

Adding the matinee increases not only the performance opportunities for the LEVYsalon artists, but also creates new opportunities to expand audiences.

The Saturday evening showcase begins at 9 p.m., followed by a D.J.-produced dance party. The Sunday matinee, by contrast, will begin at 3 p.m. and conclude with a Q&A session with the artists. The matinee aims to attract a different demographic – those who might not attend a late-night event – as well as provide audiences with post-performance access to the artists.

For most LEVYsalon participants, the program is a jump-start to a new creative process, and works created through this program have gone on to be performed in theaters in the Bay Area including ODC Theater and SAFEhouse Arts. The resources and guidance provided by LEVYdance have made a mark on the participating artists’ future projects and processes, reinforcing LEVYdance’s mission.

“It's my privilege to contribute to the success of these artists,” Trombly said.